We'll come to you in 45 or less...

Need a house call? We got you!

We'll Send a Nurse To You!

Our Team boasts top of the line nurses with exceptional experience in customer care that you can trust. We take pride in reaching all of our patients in 45 minutes or less, after your assessment has been completed. All of our nurses are licensed registered nurses with the state of Nevada nursing board. The following travel fees will apply:

  • In Clinic
  • FREE
    per No Fees!
  • One nurse for every four patients.
  • Treatment in the comfort of our high-end clinic!
  • Off The Strip
  • $150
    per One Time Travel Fee
  • One nurse for every four patients.
  • Nurse comes to your home, office or location.
  • Treatment in the comfort of your private space!

UnderstandingOur Process...

1. Book Your Appointment

We require a full name and D.O.B. for every patient receiving a treatment. Our nurses will be traveling with a prescription from our MD for each patient booked, so we will not be able to provide treatment to anyone who is not included in the initial booking.

2. Medical Assessment

After booking, our licensed practitioner will contact you via telemedicine (video) on the day of your reservation to do an assessment. The practitioner will then write a prescription and send it to the nurse that will be treating you. This video call will require you to have Facetime (iPhone) or WhatsApp on your mobile device.

3. Receive Treatment

For any house calls, our nurses will get to you in 45 minutes or less. Keep in mind, you are always welcome to come into our clinic during normal business hours for treatment.

Ready to Make a Reservation?

Now that you understand our mobile service and travel fees, take a look at the services we offer so you can book an appointment.